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Comic Book Review - Toxx #1

Release Date: July 19, 2023

Creative Team:

  • Evan Carothers, Creator

  • Eric Palicki, Writing

  • Ben Worrell, Interior Art

  • Marta Gasperoni, Colors

  • James Emmett, Editing

Publisher: Wolven Press

Genres: Action, Science Fiction

One-Liner: "In the wasteland, an unexpected surprise just might hold the key to the longevity of the human race."

The Plot: Claire spends her days in the wasteland scavenging for resources and supplies; anything that can assist her and the citizens of Tainer Town to survive a world that has become plagued by solar radiation and has mutated all animal life. She and a few others are known as ‘R.A.T.S.’–Relic and Toxx Scavengers. What makes Claire even more remarkable than this job she performs, is that she does so while pregnant.

Overexposure to the sun causes humans and animals alike to mutate, turning them into grotesque, horrifying versions of their previous form. The R.A.T.S. have an ace up their sleeve in Doc Lincoln, a medical researcher who has developed a procedure to remove mutated cells from the R.A.T.S.’ bodies. He’s an important piece to Tainer Town’s survival, and one that Isaac, the town’s self-appointed leader, vows to keep close by at all times.

When Claire leaves Tainer Town on a secret mission to establish contact with another civilization believed to be a myth, Isaac seeks to gain help from the town’s partner: ‘The Damn,’ a lawless society full of reckless people, and to use Doc Lincoln as his bargaining chip.

What I thought/felt: There have been many, many post-apocalyptic stories over the years, but Carothers’ narrative structure, along with Worrell’s style and Gasperoni’s color palette make for a compelling story with striking visuals.

The conclusion: Give this a read! This issue contains a fair amount of world-building, but Carothers works in these details with the overall plot to keep the story exciting and engaging without bogging the reader down with details.

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